Day 1: 03/10/2002
Rangers @ Phillies
First Annual OOB Spring Training Trip - 2002
The Lizard, making his third trip to Florida for Spring Training, served as our savvy veteran leader.
Clayton Pecot made his first trip to Spring Training and was assigned the task of looking for the next "Perkins" restaurant. (It was something he was doing anyway, so we figured, "why not?")
"Big Jake" Hudgins was the rookie of the trip.  At 19, by far the youngest traveler, Jake was subjected to merciless, continual hazing, teasing, and abuse.  And he still wants to go again next season!
Yours truly, Mr. OOB served as photographer, navigator, electronics specialist, and coffee coordinator. 
Day 2: 03/11/2002
Twins @ Pirates
Day 3: 03/12/2002
Pirates @ Rangers
Day 4: 03/13/2002
Yankees @ Indians
Day 4: 03/13/2002
Marlins @ Astros
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