2002 MLB New Uniforms
The Cleveland Indians have unveiled their new look, the first change since Jacobs Field opened in 1994.  The new "Sunday and Holiday" ensemble includes a script "I" on the cap with a white sleeveless jersey and navy undershirt.  The great Chief Wahoo is retained, though he has been removed from one hat.

The sleveless look is back in vogue in the bigs, a welcome addition and throwback to days gone by.
The Anaheim Angels have left their insane cartoon past (left) and have gone to this more traditional, conservative look (right).  It is a big winner in the OOB book and the uniform scheme (below) recalls the mid-1990s threads worn by the Angels'  division rival Texas Rangers, which we loved (sniff).
In what will probably be the biggest news out of the organization all season, the Royals have unveiled a new uniform scheme much like the ones being used by the Mets.  The new concept incorporates the popular sleveless look and the alternate black jersey.  Here, players model the whole ensemble (left).