About Joshua V. Best
It was a particularly boring day back in 1998 when Joshua Best had a few mildly amusing thoughts about some news-worthy sporting events.  Finding a few moments on his hands, he jotted them down and sent them to 10 or so friends and called it "Out of Bounds."  Since then, OOB has grown into a monster which takes entirely too much of his time, but allows for that slight release he, as well as his readers (the OOBers), need on a hard day.  

Josh lives in northeast Texas with his family.  When he is not working or OOB-ing,  he enjoys spending time with his wife Robin, and sons, Joel and Jake, keeping up with Dallas area sports, video games, computers, movies and music. 

He has a severe problem with making lists. Currently, he is attempting to catalog every movie he has ever seen. Right now, he has done A through C (up to 2003) and is closing in on 150 titles.  He expects it will take a while...

You may contact him at 903.445.3617.

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Josh on the set of the "Southwest Sports Report" in Dallas, TX.
Josh (right) with former Bucks, Warriors, Knicks, and Mavericks coach, the great Don Nelson (left) at Gilley's in Dallas.

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