Day 3: Monday March 10, 2003

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The Peoria Sports Complex, shared spring home of the San Diego Padres, who were hosting the Anaheim Angels, and the Seattle Mariners in Peoria, Arizona.
The Press Box area of the Peoria Sports Complex (right). We found this park very reminiscent of the Astros spring home in Kissimme, Florida.

The Angels dugout (right).  We were seated at the end of the dugout for the second time this trip. It seems people aren't as anxious to go to the night games out here for some reason. Can't say I blame them - I'd much rather go sit in a game in the blistering sun than enjoy this cool night breeze myself! Needless to say, the night games were a big hit for our group.
"Big Jake" had been pretty restrained this trip, but on this night, he broke out of his shell and got sloshed on the hard stuff - Strawberry Soda (left).

The son of former Ranger Jeff Burroughs, Sean, played third for the Padres as we watched from seats not so far away (right).
K-Rod throws (left).  He may never regain the dominance of the 2002 World Series, but he sure is fun to watch pitch.
Roberto "Bobbo" Kelly suits up for the Padres. As Rangers fans, we are always on the lookout for former Arlington, TX players.  Kelly was one of our favorites from this trip, and we pulled for him against the Angels, who were sporting another former Ranger, Benji Gil.
Here we are with my favorite shot from the trip.  Left to right that's yours truly Joshua V. Best, OOB founder, Kenny "The Lizard" Lattin, The San Diego Padre, "Big" Jake Hudgins, who thought he'd punch the Padre, and Clayton "Perkins" Pecot.